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Dermaplaning in Rockhill, SC

Jul 31

When you think of a procedure for your face in Rockhill, SC, that will give your skin a revitalized, clean, and hairless appearance, you might envision harsh chemicals or time-consuming treatments. While attempting to give your facial skin a youthful and bright appearance, this may conjure up images of irritation and suffering. You may be shocked to learn that there is a simple and painless procedure that may have your skin renewed and radiant in under an hour. All of this can be accomplished with no downtime. Dermaplaning is the term for this technique.

What Exactly Is Dermaplaning?

Dermaplaning is a non-invasive process that cleans and renews the facial skin in a timely and efficient manner. The treatment is carried out with a sterile medical scalpel designed for usage on your cheeks, forehead, nose, neck, and chin. While this may sound daunting, the skin treatment is neither intensive nor painful. The scalpel is used to remove the top layer of skin from the face and upper neck. The dermaplaning tool's sharp edge is held at a 45-degree angle on your skin and dragged along the facial areas in a manner similar to shaving.

Many unwanted and harmful substances accumulate on our skin throughout the day. After all, our faces are the most visible parts of our bodies to the outside world. This implies that there is a constant bombardment of dirt, debris, and pollutants that end up collecting on our faces and being embedded in the skin and pores.

This can give the face a dull appearance and contribute to wrinkles and blotches on the cheeks, forehead, and around the eyes. Furthermore, vellus hairs, tiny hairs on the face, can cause unsightly facial skin. All of this can be effectively removed from your face with dermaplaning. The following are some of the specific advantages of dermaplaning.

Gets Rid of Dead Skin Cells

Like all skin on the body, the topmost layer of facial skin is made up of dead skin cells. The body constantly produces new, healthy cells beneath this dead layer, but the dead skin cells wrinkle, discolor, and seem dull. When dead skin cells are removed, younger, healthier cells shine through. The sharp scalpel quickly eliminates this unclean, dead layer during the Dermaplaning process, cutting it off like hair while shaving your legs. It is that simple, but the benefits are immediate.

Removes Facial Hair

Hair on the face can be unattractive and detract from its natural beauty. This hair can be thicker and darker or finer and less apparent. The benefit of eliminating thick hair is obvious, but even thinner hair should be cared for because it may have detrimental effects on facial skin.


Vellus hairs are those pesky, less visible hairs. These hairs are generally known as peach fuzz. Even when these hairs are hardly visible to the rest of the world, they continue to function to conceal the natural colors and color of healthy skin. Furthermore, these tiny hairs collect dirt on the face, contributing to the problem of dull-looking skin.

As the Dermaplaning blade travels over the facial skin, it removes all undesirable hairs, giving the face a clean, smooth appearance. It is frequently astonishing how much of the skin's inherent vibrance is hidden from view by these little hairs.


Removing these pesky hairs also gives the skin a smoother appearance. Smooth skin, like shaved legs, appears more youthful and sleeker. In addition, many consumers claim that simply eliminating their hair takes years off their face.

At River District Aesthetics, we use only the highest quality, medical-grade scalpels to ensure that our clients leave with refreshed, smooth skin that glows. Contact us today for more information or to schedule an appointment. We look forward to hearing from you!